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Frequently Asked Questions

All About Gymnastics

What exactly is Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a type of sport that includes physical exercises requiring balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, dedication and endurance.

How does gymnastics help kids?

It’s great for their health, fitness and wellbeing

As well as their physical health, gymnastics helps children’s mental health and wellbeing. Gymnastics is a sport that encourages children to be creative and to develop positive relationships with others. Coaches help to foster this by being encouraging and rewarding

What are the risks of gymnastics for children?

Gymnastics can be a dangerous sport and a solid club will do everything they can to minimise danger and accidents. Many gymnastics injuries are repetitive stress injuries due to over training. A gymnast participating in classes once or twice a week is highly unlikely to develop such an injury. Gymnastics when practiced in a club environment with trained coaching professionals who follow safe, logical and developmentally appropriate lessons is relatively safe. A gymnastics club’s coach should always be enhanced DBS (police background) checked and there should be qualified first aiders and full child protection procedures in place. All equipment must be regularly safety checked to keep things running in top notch order. Having these procedures in place makes for a safe, happy environment.

Will gymnastics help my child with stress & anxiety?

Doing gymnastics will equip your child with skills to better handle physical and emotional pressure in life. Gymnastics activities reduce signs of depression, increase endorphins and reduce stress. It can even help your child sleep better.

Do you specialise in any type of gymnastics?

Yes we do, but to start with all gymnasts will learn a good all round program from expert coaches, if children wish to progress from fun fitness to something more structured we have classes for all levels.

Our speciality is Aerobic Gymnastics – energy to burn
Aerobic Gymnastics is perhaps the most dynamic and energetic of all the gymnastic disciplines. Finding its roots in the group fitness and aerobic classes of the late 80’s, Aerobic Gymnastics is a recent addition to the stable of gymnastic disciplines and boasts a growing number of enthusiasts throughout the UK.

Immediately recognisable for its high energy and heart pounding routines set to lively ‘up-tempo’ music, Aerobic Gymnastics is popular with both males and females and offers opportunities for participation as individuals, mixed pairs, trios and groups. Unlike any other discipline, gymnasts wear aerobic trainers.

An aerobic routine is performed on a 7 x 7 m sprung wooden floor area (for individuals) and a slightly larger 10 x 10 m area for Mixed Pairs, Trios and the Groups.

Aerobic Gymnastics last up to 1 minute 30 seconds.

More about the Club

What are the fees involved?

To start with Weston gymnastics you can do 2 trial sessions with with freedom to choose to continue or not.

After the trial, you will be offered a place at a class that hopefully suits you.

Once the trials are complete we take fees monthly or by term (10 weeks)

Fees depend on how many classes per-week you attend and what level you are training at.

Do you have holiday clubs?

YES! All members are invited to join the holiday clubs, we have at least one (whole day) session in every school holiday period and we have weekend discos and events to help us raise money for new equipment.

Can I have a private class?

If you wish to have a one to one session with our expert world class coaches just send us a message using the contact form we will tell you all the details

Can I gain awards or certificates?

Of course, there are various schemes we use within the club and externally assessed awards, such as British Gymnastics IAC program, these help build confidence your skills are progressing with a national recognised badge & certificate.

Being Involved in the club

Can parents watch my classes?

Yes, with a few restrictions. When gymnasts are young we always have an open window policy for viewing the sports hall, when they train in the mezz rooms upstairs we have CCTV on a screen in the seating area.

What about competitions & special events?

We have lots of competitions for all levels, some within the club, many up and down the country even a few internationally.

We post all about these on our social media if you would like to join in and we welcome parents to be involved as much as possible.

Why do you fund raise?

Without fund raising and club volunteers Weston Gymnastics would not be half the club it is. We love parents to support their children in as many ways as possible. We use fund raising to support young helper training, buying new equipment and supporting the elite team reach world class standard.

How can a parent help?

If you have an hour spare, we always need help cleaning, maintaining and sorting things. We have a volunteer ran café on the weekend and for special events we always need parent helpers to handle a few things (like running a raffle or just making the coaches a cup of tea, it all really does help

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