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Year Review – Our Club in 2022


During covid lockdowns of 2021 into 2022, the club moved online for the first time in our history, training with all age groups was important to keep gymnasts active and motivated while access to the outside world was being restricted, we loved how parents and gymnasts took up the challenge, finding the space to ensure a safe space to train, following the complete lockdowns having classes outside the gym in the good weather, all we can say about this is well done and thank you for keeping up your training and classes. British Gymnastics set out at home challenges which out squads took on and made some great social media content to keep everyone inspired.

After Covid

Reopening our club after a COVID-19 closure was a challenging process, but it was important we followed guidelines and protocols to ensure the safety of staff and members.

As we came out of covid there were still many rules given to us by British Gymnastics as well as the guidelines set in place by the government to open and bring back people into the building and we were heavily limited to numbers in the building, so we enjoyed (not for the first time) training outside

Overall, the key to a successful reopening is careful planning and a commitment to the safety of staff and members. By following guidelines and implementing necessary precautions, the club reopened providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all, with limited parent access allowed in the building, hopefully with will never been needed again but if it ever is, the club is more prepared than ever.


Our 2022 gymnastics gala was a spectacle to behold. The venue was packed with spectators, gymnasts’ parents, sisters, brothers all eagerly anticipating the start of the show, GYMFLIX, bring the best music of TV and Movies to the aerobic dance performance. As the lights dimmed, the crowd fell silent, and a hush descended over the playhouse.

The first act was a group, who performed a series of breath-taking acrobatic & aerobic manoeuvres that had the audience gasping in amazement. Next up were the MINIs, always bring a huge wave oohs and ahhhs with routines that left the crowd cheering and clapping seeing all the smallest members of the club all doing their best.

One of the highlights of the evening was the stranger things inspired performance, you could easily forget you are watching school age kids and not a full west-end show. They performed a series of difficult set and costume changes, each one more impressive than the last. The crowd erupted in applause as the athletes hit their marks and struck their final poses.

As the night went on, the performances only got more and more impressive. The TEAM GB  artists thrilled the crowd with their high-flying fast floor performances flips and twists, and the high energy gymnasts, we were mesmerized with their elegant, flowing routines.

By the end of the evening, the audience was on its feet, cheering and clapping for the incredible athletes who had just put on such a memorable show. It was clear that everyone in attendance had thoroughly enjoyed the gymnastics gala, and the athletes received a well-deserved standing ovation as they took their final bows.

World Championship 2022

Our Club took our TEAM GBR Members to the FIG World Championships over the summer in Portugal with 23 Junior gymnasts from our club and working with many others from around the country. This was the best Worlds competition we have ever attended; our gymnasts came home with medals including a gold for Individual Junior Women.

Here is a rundown of what was achieved

Mens Junior individual 8th  Devon Howell

Age Group 1 Team – 7th Maria / Lottie / Niamh / Megan / Nicole

Age Group 2 Team – 5th Jasmine / Fyera / Lola / Emily [LK] / Jessica[LK]

Age Group 2 Trio 2nd Jasmine / Lola / Emily [LK] (Silver)

Womens Junior Individual 1st Lola (Gold)

The GBR team members from other clubs also did amazing including Felix Smith AG1 4th, and Felix with his partner Amelia scored a Bronze in the mixed pair.

To have achieved the country and clubs first ever world medals and highest ranking we have ever seen, just shows even with a world pandemic getting in the way the commitment to training and all the hard work paid off.

Its no small feat to be among the best in the world at such a young age, and these athletes should be celebrated for their dedication and talent. We congratulate them on their outstanding accomplishment and look forward to seeing what the future holds for them in their gymnastics journey.

Full Results for the worlds can be found here